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Thu, Nov. 17th, 2005, 02:52 pm
justserenity07: Question for Travel Agents


First I have a lot of respect for TA's cause I think you all work hard
and do very well at what you do. My second questions DOES NOT reflect all

Second I work at the 800 # for a Major Hotel Chain and I sometimes
get travel agents who get upset or assume I cant help them because
I am not where they want to book. This is not true? WE ARE well versed
in our hotels and brands. Some TA's get kind of mean and often times
are VERY rude to us.

I really wish TA's would not assume because I am not at the hotel
that I don't kow anything. True there are somethings we dont know
and I am allways happy to help a Travel Agent out in finding the

Why do you assume because I am not in Nebraska or Ohio that I dont know anything about
that hotel? or the area surrounding it? Did you ask if we did?

Why do you assume cause I am not at the hotel that I cant look up a Corp Rate? or
a group rate? How do you know we can't? Did you think to maybe ask us if we could
before you assumed we can't?

Dont take this the wrong way please. Like I said before I do
I have a lot of Respect for TA's I just wish that would
have more respect for us and the job we do, I know a lot of you